Introduction to Cricket Betting on 10bet

Not many sports unite and bring joy to the hearts of South Africans, like cricket. The sport, together with rugby, is arguably the most popular in the country, with competitions like the CSA 4-Day Domestic Series and Cricket World Cup attracting millions of viewers every season.

The country's love for cricket led it to host the Cricket World Cup, simultaneously top all three formats in the ICC rankings, and win several medals during the Commonwealth Games. It has also become one of the most common sports for fans of sports betting South Africa.

Fortunately, South Africans who enjoy cricket betting no longer have to stress themselves searching for a decent sportsbook. 10bet is a premier sports betting platform in South Africa that offers the best online cricket betting markets on a wide range of competitions worldwide.

From domestic competitions like the Mzansi Super League and Momentum Day Cup to international ones like the Indian Premier League and the T20 World Cup, 10bet ensures fans always have access to all.

You can choose to wager on simple markets like match winner, outright winner, and top batter or go for more niche options like toss winner, bowler’s series wicket, century scored, and method of dismissal. Whichever cricket betting option you seek, you'll surely find it at 10bet.

In addition to all these, the 10bet app is mobile-friendly, allowing you to keep track of your cricket wagers on the go. There are also special bonuses you can take advantage of to place bets on cricket games for free and win real money. You can then use any of the numerous supported payment methods to withdraw and start enjoying your winnings. In a time where compromise has become a bit too common, 10bet prides itself in offering the perfect cricket betting experience to South Africans.

This guide will cover all the basics of cricket betting at 10bet and equip you for a fantastic experience.

Understanding Betting Odds in Cricket

Cricket betting odds are numerical expressions that tell you the probability of an outcome occurring. If you plan to succeed at cricket online sports betting, you'll need to grasp the concept of odds and their role in wagers.

In addition to providing insights on the likelihood of an outcome, cricket odds also represent the potential returns you can make for making certain predictions.

The numbers listed on every cricket market are products of deep research and analyses conducted by mathematicians, cricket experts, and other statistics specialists. These professionals use algorithms to determine winning probabilities using several key factors like pitch type, home advantage, quality of players, weather conditions, team form, and more.

It's worth noting that after the initial calculations, bookmakers add a percentage margin to the odds before they are displayed. This margin is the sportsbook's assured profit regardless of the bet's outcome and can range between 3% and 7%.

The lower a sportsbook's margin, the more valuable the odds are — at 10bet, we offer very low margins on all our cricket markets.

The cricket odds at 10bet are also listed in the decimal format, which is the easiest to understand. Basically, the higher the odds, the lesser the likelihood of that outcome happening. Also, to calculate your payout, you simply need to multiply the odds by your stake amount. For example, if you place an R50 match-winner bet on the Proteas to defeat the Three Lions at 1.67, your payout will be R83.5 (50x1.67) if they win.

Wide Range of Cricket Betting Markets

Cricket is one of the few sports in the world that always has a major tournament taking place all the time. This provides players with multiple opportunities to test their betting skills and land big payouts.

In cricket betting, however, the variety of betting markets is just as important. This is due to both the intricate nature of the game and the diverse preferences of fans. That's why top sports betting sites like 10bet offer an extensive range of cricket betting markets to cover every aspect of the game and make the experience more complete.

Here are some of the more popular cricket betting options at 10bet:


Match winner — This is by far the simplest bet you can place on a cricket game. It involves wagering on the team you think will win a game. The team with higher odds is considered the underdog and has a lower chance of winning.


Outright winner — Outright bets are sometimes called future bets and involve wagering on the predicted winner of a cricket competition. They are placed before the event's start and are usually not settled until the end.


Tied match — Not all cricket games end with a winner, especially in leagues, so a tied match bet basically means you are predicting the game to end in a tie. This bet is rare, and so the odds are usually higher. However, it can be very profitable if successful.


Over/under — Here, the sportsbook suggests a specific score, and you predict whether the total number of runs scored by both teams will be higher or lower than that score.


Player props — These bets entail predicting the performances of certain players. There are multiple player props, including top batsman for the player with the most runs, top bowler for the most wickets, and man of the match for the best player at the end of the game. You could also bet on the top batsman or bowler per team or inning or go for a batsman match, where you predict who will be the better batsman between the two teams.


Team props: Like player props, these are bets on specific team stats or performance. Examples include the coin toss winner, most match sixes, total fours, and most run-outs. There's also the match score bet, which is basically an over/under bet, but instead of guessing the overall runs scored, you predict that of individual teams.

League/Cup Country Level
Australia Big Bash League Australia Professional
International World Cup International Professional
India Indian Premier League India Professional
Australia Big Bash League Australia Professional
Barbados T10 Barbados Professional
India Indian Premier League India Professional
International World Cup International Professional
International ODI Series India vs Australia Women International Professional
International T20 Series New Zealand vs Bangladesh International Professional
International T20 Series UAE vs Afghanistan International Professional
International T20 World Cup International Professional
International Test Series Australia vs Pakistan International Professional
International Test Series South Africa vs India International Professional
International Test Series - The Ashes International Professional
International Youth U19 ODI Tri-Series South Africa South Africa Professional
New Zealand Super Smash New Zealand Professional
New Zealand Super Smash Women New Zealand Professional
South Africa CSA 4-Day Franchise Series South Africa Professional

Live Cricket Betting Experience

Live cricket betting is the act of placing bets on cricket games after they have already begun. It can be done on one-day, T20, and test cricket matches. If you've placed a pre-match or outright bet before, you should have no problem navigating the live landscape. Most of the markets you're familiar with are still there. You can wager on the match winner, the batsman and bowler, and on ways of dismissal.

However, you must prepare yourself for an adventure because in-play betting is a thrilling experience. Since the odds are live and determined by the ongoing events in the game, they can change in seconds.

The odds are usually way better than pre-match options because of the difficulty of prediction. If you want to succeed in your live cricket betting journey, you need more than just the ability to read game cues. You must possess the quickness to capitalise on these odds and secure the bets before they change.

This is why the 10bet sports betting app should be your number one betting platform. Not only do you get to enjoy a wide range of live cricket markets and competitive odds, but they are also presented on a friendly interface that makes finding and placing bets super quick. The platform also provides you with live detailed stats and features like cashout to improve the overall experience.

Guide to Betting on Major Cricket Tournaments

Cricket tournaments betting is one of the best ways to enjoy the sport. You get to watch and support your favourite players and teams, all the while making money if things go your way.

Furthermore, cricket tournaments are perfect for beginners because of the availability of stats and expert game tips. Here are some of the major cricket competitions available at 10bet.

ICC World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is an international cricket tournament that uses the One Day International (ODI) format. The first edition was held in 1975 when the West Indies defeated Australia and lifted the prestigious Prudential Cup in England. Since then, the competition has taken place every four years, with Australia holding the most titles (6).

T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is similar to the Cricket World Cup as they are both organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The major difference is that the T20 World Cup uses the T20 format and takes place every two years instead of four. Indian player Virat Kohli has the most runs in the tournament, while Shakib Al Hasan is the record holder for the most wickets.

South Africa hosted the first edition of the T20 World Cup in 2007, with England and West Indies winning the most titles, two each. The T20 World Cup is one of the biggest tournaments for fans of T20 cricket betting.

Ashes Series

The Ashes is a Test cricket series that's held every two years between Australia and England. The first series was held in 1882, making it one of the oldest sporting events in the world. The Land Down Under has so far been the more successful side, having won 34 series with six retentions. Australian cricketers have also dominated the competition, with Donald Bradman and Shane Warne holding the records for most runs and wickets, respectively.

Domestic Cricket Leagues and Betting Opportunities

Cricket is rooted deep into the South African culture, which explains why domestic leagues in the country have managed to gather strong followings. Fans love to come out to support their local stars and place bets on these events.

Domestic cricket betting is one of the many ways cricket lovers in South Africa show support for their local teams. If you want to catch up on the most popular South African cricket leagues and start placing bets on them, here are some you should check out.


The SA20 was established in 2022 to replace the Mzansi Super League, which only ran for two seasons. Six franchises owned by IPL investors were announced as inaugural teams, with Sunrisers Eastern Cape defeating Pretoria Capitals to win the first edition. The league uses the T20 format and is broadcast by SuperSport and Sky Sports.

CSA 4-Day Domestic Series

Formerly called the Currie Cup, the CSA Domestic Series is one of the oldest cricket competitions in the world. The first edition took place in 1889 and has since undergone several major modifications. Today, there are two divisions —Division I (8 teams) and Division II (7 teams). The Lions are the most successful team in the Series' history, with Graeme Pollock having the most runs and Vintcent van der Bijl having the most wickets.


The Indian Premier League might not be of South African origin, but it's still the number one sports league in the world, attracting millions of SA viewers every year. It's a T20 men's event with ten franchise teams and is home to several legendary players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, and Dwayne Bravo.

Some of the more popular IPL teams are the Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Punjab Kings, and Delhi Capitals. The league takes place every year between March and May and features over 70 games.

When betting on the IPL games, it's important you understand the roles of different overs. The number of runs tends to vary per over and is usually higher in the 20th one. This can be very helpful, especially in live betting. Another important yet simple Indian Premier League betting tip is sticking with the favourites. While they might not be as rewarding as underdog bets, they are much safer, especially in outright betting.

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How to Start Betting on Cricket With 10bet

Now that we've explored the various cricket tournaments and leagues in South Africa and beyond, let's get down to the main business — how to bet online at 10bet.

The first thing to do is visit the official 10bet website or download the 10bet sports betting app if you're a Huawei or Android user. After completing the download or loading the page, locate the Join Now button at the top of the homepage.

On the registration page, you must enter your full name, verified SA mobile number, and either your passport or SA Identity number. Then, choose a strong password and enter your email if you'd like. Finally, check the box agreeing to 10bet's terms and conditions and confirming that you're at least 18 years old.

After successfully creating and logging in to your account, click on the Deposit icon on the homepage. You'll be directed to the Deposit section, where you can choose any of the multiple banking methods to fund your account. Deposits on 10bet are mostly instant, so the funds should be reflected in your account in no time.

Now, it's time to start cricket betting and win big. Navigate to the sports section and click on Cricket to uncover the wide range of available competitions. Tap on any to view the cricket events and betting markets. Also, pick the odds to fill in your bet slip. After making all your selections, click the bet slip icon, confirm your picks again, enter your wager amount, and tap Place Bet.

Cricket Betting Strategies and Tips

Passion and love for the game cannot guarantee success in cricket betting. You need to back them up with key strategies and give yourself an edge over the bookies. Below are some betting techniques and tips to consider if you want to score more wins in your cricket betting journey.

Learn about the different cricket formats

There are currently three cricket formats being played at the international level (Twenty20, Test, and One Day International (ODI)). While they all have the same objective, scoring the highest number of runs, they vary in length and certain rules. Teams approach each format with different strategies, which can also affect your bets. Before you wager on any cricket event, ensure you thoroughly research the format being used.

Consider various factors

In cricket, factors like weather and home advantage play major roles in match results. Even the pitch condition is important. Road pitches favour batters due to the absence of grip and fast pace. Rough and dusty pitches, on the other hand, can make scoring harder since they reduce the pace of the ball. Furthermore, a team playing in front of a home crowd generally performs better, so you should always look to back them.

Research on individual teams

The quality and type of players a team has on their roster is usually the biggest decider in cricket games. A player might be a big hitter but struggles against fast bowlers. Some big hitters also only thrive on flat pitches. Therefore, you must research players' strengths and weaknesses beforehand.

Bet without feelings

This is one of the most common sports betting tips. Some experts will even go as far as to tell you to avoid betting on teams that are too close to your heart. If you choose to bet on them, make sure your decisions are influenced by facts and statistics like head-to-head, injuries, and player performances, and not your feelings.

Consider live betting

When placing live bets, you might notice a player who's starting to lose their temper. For example, players under pressure are more likely to play rash shots or deliver poor balls. If you guess right and are quick enough, you can capitalise on a late-reacting odd and make profits.

Secure and Convenient Payment Methods

At 10bet, we've partnered with the best payment providers in the country, so you never have to worry about funding your account or collecting your winnings. Whatever payment method you choose to go with, you're guaranteed quick and secure transactions at 10bet. That's why we are the number one platform for sports betting in SA.

If you prefer funding your account privately without sharing your personal details online, we offer a decent selection of Prepaid Vouchers, including popular SA options like OTT Voucher, Blu Voucher, easypay voucher, and 1Voucher.

For quicker and more efficient transactions, EFT should be your go-to — we support options like Ozow, Zapper, and EFT Secure. You can also complete transactions using more traditional methods like VISA debit/credit cards and direct bank deposits.

These deposit methods all have their varying limits and processing times. We've created a table so you can easily compare and make your choice.

Deposit Option Min. Deposit Max. Deposit Fee Processing Time
1Voucher R5 R2,500 Free Instant
OTT Voucher R5 R3,000 Free Instant
Blu Voucher R10 R5,000 Free Instant
EasyPay Voucher R5 R1,000 Free Instant
Visa R10 R1,000,000 Free Instant
Capitec Pay R10 R1,000,000 Free Instant
EFT Secure R10 R1,000,000 Free Instant
Masterpass R10 R1,000,000 Free Instant
OZOW R10 R1,000,000 Free Instant
Zapper R10 R1,000,000 Free Instant
Bank Deposit R50 R1,000,000 Free Up to 72 hours

For withdrawals, there are four options you can use, with two being standard bank transfers and the remaining electronic transfers.

Withdrawal Option Min. Withdrawal Max. Withdrawal Fee Processing Time
First National Bank R50 R3,000 R10.5 Instant
Standard Bank R50 R3,000 R9.10 Instant
CallPay Instant EFT R50 R1,000,000 N/A 24–48 hours
OZOW R300 R1,000,000 N/A 1–24 hours

10bet Cricket Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Your online sports betting experience is not complete without betting bonuses and sports promotions. We at 10bet understand the importance of these offers, and that's why our Promotions page is filled with lots of amazing deals for both new and regular cricket bettors. Let's look at these 10bet offers below.

Epic Welcome Package

We love to welcome new bettors to the 10bet family. We reward them with a 50% welcome bonus of up to R500 in free bets. Claiming this bonus is super easy — simply create an account, deposit, and wager on any cricket or sports event with odds of 1.5 or higher. After the bet has been settled, you’ll get your stake amount in the form of free bets. You can then proceed to use it to wager on any cricket event of your choice.

Multi Bet Boosters

The more cricket events you wager on in a single bet slip, the bigger the boost. With the 10bet Multi Bet Booster promo, you can enjoy up to 100% in extra winnings when you create a multibet with cricket events with odds greater than 1.4. You enjoy a 2% boost for two selections, a 15% boost for ten selections, and 100% for 31 or more picks.

Monday Cashbacks

If your net losses on cricket wagers with odds greater than 1.5 from Friday to Sunday exceed R14, you can claim a 10% Cashback every Monday. The cashback comes as free bets, and you can claim up to R1,000.

Daily Mystery Boxes

Place bets of more than R250 on any cricket event of your choice within 24 hours, and you can unlock a mystery box with a maximum prize of R100 in free bets.

Multibet Payback

If you create a cricket multibet and suffer a loss because of one selection, you can enjoy up to R200 in free bets.

FAQ Cricket Betting on 10bet

How old do I need to be to bet on cricket at 10bet?

Down Arrow

In accordance with South African gambling laws, you need to be at least 18 years old to place cricket bets on 10bet.

Can I bet on live cricket games on 10bet?

Down Arrow

Yes, you can bet on live cricket games on 10bet. There are also features like cashout and live stat updates to help you make better decisions.

Does 10bet have a customer care service?

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Yes, 10bet has a customer care service you can contact through email at [email protected] or call at (10) 746-1093. You can use the live chat feature on the site for queries on responsible gambling practices, bet settlements, account usage, or any online betting questions you might have.