10bet Loyalty Club

Play More, Earn More: Unlock Bigger Rewards!

Play more, gain more!

The more you play games or bet on sport, the more coins you will collect, allowing you to reach higher tiers with more exclusive prizes!

10 Tiers: Climb up for bigger rewards!

The higher the tier you advance to, the greater the prizes you will get your hands on!

Mystery Box Surprises

Every time you level up and reach a higher tier, you will earn access to Mystery Boxes featuring one-of-a-kind surprise prizes!


LV1 ➔ LV5


LV6 ➔ LV10

Local League Star

LV11 ➔ LV15

Semi Pro

LV16 ➔ LV20

Premier League Pro

LV21 ➔ LV25

Ultimate Mzansi Legend

LV26 ➔ LV30

Champions League Hero

LV31 ➔ LV35

Bafana Icon

LV36 ➔ LV40

World Cup Pro

LV41 ➔ LV45

Legendary 10

LV46 ➔ LV50
Level up coins Bonus
Exclusive Mystery Boxes -
Early access to new games -
Birthday Bonus - -
Monthly Leaderboards - - -
Exclusive Marketplace Items - - - -
Weekly Cashback (Happy Hour) - - - - -
Increased withdrawal limits - - - - - -
Marketplace Luxury items - - - - - - - -
Access to exclusive gifts and events - - - - - - - - -


All your questions about the 10bet Loyalty Club.

  1. What is the 10bet Loyalty Club?

The 10bet Loyalty Club is our exclusive Loyalty Programme. As a valued member of the 10bet Loyalty Club, your journey will be filled with rewards! Earn XP and collect coins with every bet, then dive into our marketplace to claim exclusive items. Ascend through tiers by leveling up with increased XP, unlocking Mystery Boxes packed with unbeatable offers, discounts, and thrilling benefits.

  1. How can I join 10bet Loyalty Club?

The 10bet Loyalty Club is a multi-level Loyalty Programme open to all registered members of 10bet. The moment you make your 1st sports or games bet, you will automatically join the 10bet Loyalty Club and you will start on your journey towards bigger and better rewards.

  1. What are the tiers and levels?

The 10bet Loyalty Club currently has 10 tiers, each containing 5 levels within. You can see your current tier and level in the Loyalty dashboard, along with information about your progress towards the next one. When you reach a new Level, you will automatically receive a coins bonus and upon reaching a new Tier you will unlock exclusive rewards like Mystery Boxes and special promotions.

  1. What are experience points (XP)?

In the Loyalty Club, XP points are your key to progression. They are awarded based on your gameplay, allowing you to climb through different levels and tiers. They don't have any value in themselves but are an indicator of how far ahead you've come in your loyalty journey.

  1. What are coins?

The coins are our Loyalty Club's currency. Every time you earn XP, you are also earning coins, but you will also receive extra coins bonuses every time you reach a new level in your tier. You can also receive coins from different exclusive offers and promotions. The coins can then be used in the Marketplace for different rewards and benefits.

  1. How many XP will I earn for my sports bet?

Every bet you place will immediately earn you XP and coins at a certain rate. For example, if you bet R1 000, you will receive 9 XP and 9 coins. Don't forget that the minimum odds requirement for your bet to be considered is 1.20. XP and coins are earned at an equal rate as per the table below:

Bet Type R100 Rollover R1 000 Rollover R10 000 Rollover
Sports - Singles with odds of at least 1.20 0.99 9.98 99.75
Sports - Multis with odds of at least 1.20 0.99 9.98 99.75
  1. How many XP will I earn for my games bet?

Playing on different games will earn you different XP and coins. If you wager R1 000 on Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo or Blackjack you will receive 1 XP and 1 coins. For all other games and live games, for every R1 000 wagered, you will get 4 XP and 4 coins. XP and coins are earned at an equal rate as per the table below:

Game Type R100 Rollover R1 000 Rollover R10 000 Rollover
Slots 0.47 4.68 46.78
Jackpot Slots 0.47 4.68 46.78
Scratch Cards 0.47 4.68 46.78
Crash games 0.47 4.68 46.78
Lucky Numbers 0.47 4.68 46.78
Live Game Show 0.47 4.68 46.78
Dice 0.47 4.68 46.78
Video Poker 0.47 4.68 46.78
Roulette 0.18 1.75 17.50
Sic Bo 0.18 1.75 17.50
Blackjack 0.18 1.75 17.50
Baccarat 0.18 1.75 17.50
  1. Do I accumulate XP and coins while playing with bonus funds?

Yes, you generate XP and coins while playing with bonus funds. However, please keep in mind that while playing with Free Spins you cannot accumulate XP and coins.

  1. Do coins expire? What about XP?

The beauty of our loyalty programme is that your coins and XP will never expire, ensuring that your efforts and achievements are always recognized.

  1. Where can I see my current tier, XP and coins balance?

Your loyalty dashboard is the go-to place for all this information. You can access it through your account menu or through the info page. In the loyalty dashboard you will see your current coins balance and tier, your progress towards the next level, as well as access to the marketplace where you can redeem your coins for exclusive rewards.

  1. What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is where you can exchange your accumulated coins for Free Spins, Free Bets, Bonuses, Tangible Rewards as well as Cash Prizes. The more coins you have, the bigger and better your rewards will be. There are also exclusive items only unlocked when you reach a certain tier, so keep an eye out for the best deal!

  1. Are there any wagering requirements for the rewards claimed from the marketplace?

Yes, there are. Before you exchange coins for a marketplace reward, please read the T&Cs in the description of each reward to find out the exact requirements.

  1. What do I get when I level up?

It's simple - every time you reach a new level within your tier, you will get the corresponding coins bonus for that level. That will be coins added directly to your balance and available for you to spend in the marketplace right away. And that's not all! Every time you reach a new tier, you will automatically receive Mystery Boxes containing extra rewards. Tiers also come with their exclusive benefits like exclusive bonuses and promotions, higher limits and access to exclusive gifts and events.

  1. What is a Mystery Box?

Mystery boxes are rewards given for achieving a new tier. Earning a Mystery Box is easy – simply progress to a higher tier in our Loyalty Club! When you advance to the next Loyalty tier, you will be rewarded with a certain number of mystery boxes (the precise amount for each tier is visible on the Loyalty levels guide). For instance, when you level up from Playmaker to Local League Star, two new Mystery Boxes will automatically appear in your dashboard. When you click on the box you can see what rewards it contains, and you will randomly be awarded one of these rewards when you open your box.

  1. How to open a Mystery Box?

To open a Mystery Box, you need to initiate the timer, and then decide whether to open it immediately for a coins cost or patiently wait for the designated time to run out. You can open all your boxes one by one and if you progress to a new tier in the meantime, you will keep all your old boxes and the rewards in them.

  1. Do I lose all my rewards when I move up to a new level?

No! The rewards from all previous levels remain accessible in your account and you enjoy them whenever you want.