How do I earn points?

Bet TypeLoyalty Points
Single bet (min. odds 1.20)0
Double (min. odds 1.20)0
Treble (min. odds 1.20)0
4x combo (min. odds 1.20)0
5x or higher combos (min. odds 1.20)0

Level-Up your game now to multiply your rewards!

FAQ / How To

How do I join Level-Up?

It’s easy to join 10bet’s loyalty rewards programme, Level-Up. All you have to do to Level-Up is to register on the 10bet site and as soon as you start placing your bets on any of the wide range of options, you start earning loyalty points.

What must I do to earn more points?

As soon as you make your first play as a registered member of 10bet Level-Up, you start earning points that will help you Level-Up. Each bet and multibet is allocated a certain number of points so it’s easy to monitor your progress. Use our Level-Up calculator to see how many points each specific type of bet earns you.

What do I get for my Level-Up points?

As a member of 10bet’s Level-Up loyalty programme, you get to multiply your rewards to get more out of the game. You get points for every play you make, whether you bet on sports or online gaming, it makes no difference – you still get rewarded every time you play. The points can be exchanged for rewards on the marketplace. You get to select the rewards you want to make it better for you. There’s a wide variety of options including Free Spins, Free Bets, Gaming Bonuses and Sports Bonuses, all of which equate to more money in your pocket!

Can I earn 10bet Level-Up points on Live Games?

Yes, you earn Level-Up loyalty rewards points by playing any of the games on the 10bet site.

Can I earn 10bet Level-Up points on sports bets?

Yes, you earn Level-Up loyalty points on all sports events and leagues. To calculate your points, use our Level-Up calculator on this page and play to get more out of the game.

How do I know how many Level-Up loyalty points I earn?

We’ve made it easy for you to calculate how to multiply your rewards with our Level-Up calculator where you can see what it takes to earn more points. Just input the stake of your bet and the calculator will show to how many points that is equivalent depending on the bet type.

Can I earn 10bet Level-Up loyalty points when I’m using bonus funds?

You accumulate Level Up loyalty points even when you’re playing with your bonus funds. The only exception is Free Spins. You do not accumulate loyalty points when you’re using your Free Spins.

Do my 10bet Level-Up points expire?

10bet’s Level-Up points have no expiration date. Even if you stop playing and there is no activity on your account, your points remain in place.

Can I convert my 10bet Level-Up points into cash?

Your 10bet Level-Up loyalty points are not redeemable for cash. You can convert them to rewards from the Marketplace in the form of Gaming or Sports Bonuses, Free Spins and Free Bets which might generate cash prizes.

Are there wagering requirements for rewards?

There are Ts & Cs for each reward in the Marketplace. Before converting your points for rewards, please check the details in the fine print.

How will I receive tangible merchandise/voucher prizes purchased from the marketplace?

Please read the Ts & Cs in the description for each reward. This contains all the relevant information you need to know to get the most out of your rewards. Most of the tangible merchandise/voucher prizes become available in the Marketplace only when you reach Level-10VIP.

What are the different levels and how do they work?

When you register to join 10bet South Africa and place your first bet, either on sports or games, you automatically qualify as a Level 1 member. By earning the necessary points, you can upgrade up to Level 2 and so on until you reach Level-10VIP.

How do I benefit from levelling up?

There are one or more mystery boxes for you to unlock at each new level. These mystery boxes contain prizes. As you reach higher levels, you qualify for special perks only available to those players who have reached the required level.

How do mystery boxes work?

Each mystery box has a countdown timer that depicts when you can open the box to receive your prize. There is a tooltip that illustrates the types of prizes that you stand in line to win from each mystery box.

Can I skip the timer and get my prize immediately?

Yes, the timer can be skipped by spending the required number of points depicted. The number of points necessary to skip the timer decreases the closer you get to the expiration time.