Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger by Ezugi on 10Bet South Africa

Dragon Tiger is a well-known casino game originally from Cambodia, and its name reflects two powerful symbols in Eastern cultures — the auspicious dragon and the ferocious tiger. Dragon Tiger first became popular throughout Asia, but it has seen a surge in popularity worldwide thanks to online casinos. Players are drawn to it for its fast-paced and straightforward gameplay, which makes it an attractive option for new and seasoned gamblers.

Over the years, some game developers, such as Ezugi, have crafted live versions of Dragon Tiger, and it has even served as an inspiration for Dragon Tiger slots. Thanks to its unique Asian-themed aesthetics, Ezugi’s Dragon Tiger has also been well-received by players on 10bet, one of the best platforms for live games South Africa has to offer.

If you’d like to give it a go, visit the 10bet live casino games section and let Dragon Tiger by Ezugi gaming mesmerize you.

Exploring the Features of Dragon Tiger

A simplified version of baccarat, Dragon Tiger is one of Ezugi live casino games released as a tribute to its Asian players. Thanks to its responsive software and professional dealers, you can enjoy the game in a friendly and authentic atmosphere.

Streamed live from Ezugi’s LatAm studio, this Dragon Tiger variation is played with an eight-deck shoe. It has an RTP of 96.27%, and it is a perfect game if you’d like to try something new but not too complicated.

Once the game starts, the dealer will draw two cards from the shoe and place one on the Dragon and the other on the Tiger side, and your goal is to predict which card will have the higher number. Numbered cards are worth their face value, while the Ace counts as 1, the Jack as 11, the Queen as 12, and the King as 13.

Dragon Tiger has three main bets to choose from — Dragon, Tiger, and tie, the latter meaning that you predict both cards will be of the same value. Furthermore, there are three side bets — suited, odd/even, and big/small. You will have 18 seconds to place a wager and a few extra to rebet, in case you change your mind. Once this segment ends, the dealer will draw the cards, and you’ll see both on the screen.

Regarding payouts, Dragon and Tiger are identical, as they pay 1:1, whereas a tie bet features an 8:1 payout ratio. If you wager on Dragon or Tiger, and what comes up is a tie, the operator will refund half of your bet. Side bets pay as follows — suited (3:1), odd/even (1:1), and big/small (1:1).

With one of the most unique casino games themes, simple rules, and bets with favorable odds, it’s no wonder Ezugi’s Dragon Tiger has become a regular live casino game on platforms across the globe.

How to Play Dragon Tiger on 10bet

Registering and playing Dragon Tiger online on 10bet is straightforward, and it doesn’t require any particular knowledge or skill. Follow our step-by-step guide to get started.

  1. Create an account on 10bet — Load the 10bet platform and click the Join Now button to register. Provide the required info, including your name, phone number, email, and government ID number. Once done, set up your login credentials and confirm you are 18 or older.
  2. Make a deposit — Open the Cashier section, choose one of the available banking methods, and top up your account. Claim a bonus if you wish.
  3. Locate the game — Go to the Live Games section to find the Dragon Tiger. If you have the time, read the 10bet live casino games guide, where you can find essential information about engaging in live casino gaming.
  4. Choose the right bet — Study the paytable and pick one of the bets mentioned above.

Now you're ready to enjoy the exciting game of Dragon Tiger on 10bet!

Dragon Tiger Strategies and Tips

Although the game relies significantly on chance, preparing and following a live games strategy can be helpful. You can boost your gameplay if you take a look at some of our Dragon Tiger casino game tips.

For instance, since Dragon Tiger is similar to baccarat, you can study this game’s strategies and apply them here. Also, as smart betting in live casino games is essential, we recommend that you stick to the Dragon and Tiger options. Wagering money on the tie may not always be a good idea since the RTP in that case is only 67.23%.

Benefits of Playing Dragon Tiger by Ezugi on 10bet South Africa

Now that you are familiar with the gameplay and the essential features of this popular game, it’s worth noting several advantages of Dragon Tiger on 10bet.

10bet is known for housing premium live casino gaming in South Africa, as it features over 80 live dealer titles, including Dragon Tiger. You can enjoy live roulette, blackjack, poker, gameshows, and dice games here.

Partnering with reliable payment processors and implementing the latest security protocols, 10bet boasts a secure gaming environment. Plus, the platform is user-friendly, facilitating navigation from one section to another.

10bet’s promotional lineup will leave you speechless. You can use the enticing welcome bonus or any of the numerous ongoing promotions on Dragon Tiger or any other game you like.

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